Don't let the stories your brain is telling you trick you into thinking change is impossible.

Change is possible when you know a few hacks for the tricks our brains play on us. Here is a big one: knowing the difference between “truth” and “Truth”.

Let’s start with the lowercase “t” truth. This is a belief you have about what other people think or feel. It is the story you tell yourself to explain the world around you. And it is not necessarily the same as the Truth.

Truth with a capital “T” is reality. It is what other people are actually thinking or feeling or what is actually possible in the world around you.

For example: when my husband and I started our journey on creating a work and family solution that fit our needs, I was sure that Brian was going to balk at changing his work hours and taking on more care of our son. I was also convinced that his workplace would give him a hard time about changing his work hours. When I was brave enough to ask Brian for more support at home, he not only readily agreed, he immediately requested the shift in hours and was able to start his new schedule at work the following week. “truth” vs. “Truth”!

The lesson here is about assumptions–don’t assume you know if change is possible or what an outcome will be before you take a first step. Don’t know where to start? Let me help.

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