Choose Your Boundaries™ is a “conversation-starter” activity designed to help you develop your unique parenting style.

About Choose Your Boundaries™

You are creating a roadmap to take you on your parenting journey – trying to set the Boundaries of your path.

This activity includes sets of cards that you arrange to define the “what” and “why” of your parenting style.

I offer this tool exclusively with coaching clients in one of my coaching packages. However, I do have a mini, DIY version available as a free download.

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We start with the Values set in our coaching sessions. Knowing and naming your values is key to understanding what pushes your buttons. This allows you to to act and react more intentionally with your kids. It also allow you to think about what values you are modeling for your kids. Once you have this foundation, you can get specific about the choices you hope your children will make. 

This is my version of “beginning with the end in mind”. Because when you know where you hope to land, you can better map or course-correct for better connections.

*This set of cards is available for the free download. Try it yourself today!


The second set of cards is Choices. This set is filled with choices you hope your children will make. Again, you arrange cards to learn more about what matters to your family.

Your children’s choices often reflect how well they are connecting to your Values.

Every family deserves to focus choices that are important to them, such as being a kind friend, or doing your best in school. There are so many choices to make all the time and when all of them are a priority, it is easy to spin your wheels figuring out what you hope to teach your kids.

*This activity is currently only available to my private coaching clients.


The last piece of the connection puzzle is the “so what” –Consequences. Kids are going to make poor choices – it is part of the learning process. Swift, clear and consistent consequences are a huge key in connection. 

Knowing what consequences fit for your family allows you to be intentional in how you react when something goes wrong. Being on auto-pilot when stuff hits the fan isn’t going to help you to show up in a mindful way.

*This activity is currently only available for my private coaching clients.

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