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Creating connection requires the right tools in your parenting toolbox.

Work on one or more of the 4 C's can get you back on track with meeting the unique needs of your family. Click on any of the C's to read more.

Every family has a unique take on values, and that means that what feels important about raising your children is also unique. And when you get crystal clear on your values you and your co-parent get on the same basic page–this goes a long way in terms of getting the right tools in your parenting toolbox.

Once you have Clarity on what is important to you, you can set boundaries. But you need to be consistent about your messages and consequences. This is important for solo parenting and parenting with a co-parent. This is a “simple” concept, and one that takes lots of practice to follow.

Just because you know what your values and goals are doesn’t mean that you feel the confidence you need to put it all into place. Confidence comes with having the right tools in your “parenting toolbox”, practice, and a willingness to refine your methods over time and as needs change.

You aren’t going to get it right every time, and neither are your kids. And this is where Compassion comes into play. Sometimes it is as simple as knowing that you don’t have much patience left because you haven’t been sleeping well. You stop, take a breath, and try again. The same thing goes for your kids. Everyone deserves a little slack sometimes. The trick is knowing when Compassion is the right approach.

Get started working on the 4 C's

Check out Melissa’s activity called Choose Your Boundaries™. You can download a free version and start building better family connections.

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