When parenting feels more like a chore than a privilege...
You might be missing "a connection"
Parenting is hard work
but it should feel fulfilling, too.

Feeling trigged by your kids = Disconnection

Download this exclusive, FREE DIY-activity kit to learn how your Values align with your triggers. Overcome the button-pushing, flip the script and control how you show up with your children.

your guide to better connections!

Meet Melissa Davidson, M.Ed.,

Meilssa is a Certified Professional Coach with degrees from UPenn and Bucknell University.

Melissa’s coaching “super power”:  deep listening + tools for improved connection.

Melissa helps parents:

  1. Identify the issue behind trigger points
  2. Repair missing connections
  3. Feel more confident and get back on track
Melissa M. Davidson
Perceptive Parents exclusive coaching tools
Choose Your Boundaries™
Choose Your Boundaries™ is a set of activities that give you insight into why you show up to parenting the way you do. Learn more abou CYB™ and how to access a FREE version.
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4 C's for Connection©
In her coaching, Melissa uses an exclusive framework called 4 C's for Connection©. It's easy to miss connections when you don't have skills in the 4 C's.
What are the 4 C's?

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What clients are saying

Your support and knowledge and caring have meant the world to our entire family. We truly feel like we have our own expert to turn to when faced with the rocky times in our children’s lives. We tell our friends all the time-we don’t know how we would have gotten this far without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Brock & Maura M.
I learned that I can’t do it all but if I can focus and prioritize values and choices, then I’m doing okay and my kids are gonna be okay.
Jamie B.
Definitely recommend Melissa! Our family had the opportunity to meet and discuss our goals with Melissa and we were very pleased. We were surprised at how much our children shared in our family session.
Mike & Katrina S.
It was great to take time to really think about what’s important to me and my family and how to approach parenting my child.
Brian C.
I learned so much about myself as a parent, and how I handle things with my daughter. I don’t feel alone, or feel like a failure. I want to learn more about how to be the best mom I can be. I appreciate this class and I learned a tremendous amount. I had time to understand how my “buttons” are pushed and how to precent my child from getting me to that point. I learned that I can control MY emotions, learn patience, and how to word things to get my child to understand and accept what I’m saying. Thank you
Jen A.


/ˈpərˈseptiv/ adjective

Having keen insight, understanding or intuition

Why “Perceptive Parents”?

When you feel stuck or overwhelmed, insight and intuition are out of reach. You are probably operating on auto-pilot, knee-jerk reacting and not feeling good about it. You will miss those important connections.

Coaching can help you get a better understanding of why you show up the way you do and give you tools for change. With greater intuition you will feel more closely connected with your family.

Melissa works with families with children ranging from newborns to teens. She also consults with people considering parenthood who want a sneak-peek into designing their parenting style. 

She sees clients in a variety of settings. Find the one that’s right for you.


Melissa has written about the basics she addresses with clients in coaching sessions. Check out her posts on the 4 C’s
and the “Magic of Coaching”.

And learn about the theories of Early Childhood Education that inform Melissa’s work.