Every family has a unique take on values, so what feels important about raising your children is also unique. And when you have Clarity on your values you and your co-parent get on the same basic page–this goes a long way in terms of getting the right tools in your parenting toolbox.

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The nitty-gritty on Values and Clarity
  1. We are all a product of the environment we were raised in–values are imparted more through actions than through “instruction”. Sometimes your childhood experiences are ones you want to replicate, and some you want to avoid at all costs.
  2. You can value the same concepts as your co-parent, but the values themselves may have different definitions. Coming to a unified understanding creates Clarity!
  3. When become a parent, you become your own unique family. Defining your values is what makes every family different and why there is no “perfect” way to parent.
  4. There are LOTS of values and behaviors that you are hoping to impart and encourage in your children. But we all know that everything cannot be a priority–when everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. So you need to be clear about what is most important, what is less critical to you as a family, and what doesn’t fit for you at all.
  5. Clarity helps you begin with the end in mind–meaning–do you know what are your goals are as a parent and who are you hoping to raise? Here are a few possible examples:
    • “My job is to keep you safe and healthy, your job is to help keep yourself safe and healthy.”
    • I want to be an “askable parent”–I want my kids to feel comfortable coming to me with any question, any time.
    • I want my kids to be comfortable with who they are, what makes them unique, and to feel supported following their passions.
    • I want my kids to feel a sense of adventure in trying new things and taking risks, AND I want them to think about consequences as they do so.


Clarity is cleary a big, meaty topic! To talk more about how Clarity fits into your personal parenting toolbox, contact me via email or schedule a free consultation using the links below.

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