Different stages, different techniques

No matter how old your kids are or how big your family is, if you are missing connections, you just don’t feel good about how you are showing up.

New Parents

The perfect time to get started on designing your parenting style is when you are new parents. It is also very easy to feel “disconnected” in early days with your baby. 

Getting clear on what pushes your buttons and how to grab some opportunities for self care will help with staying connected and enjoying this tender time in your child’s life.

Young Children

As parents of young children, you are in the thick of it. Impulse control is a developing skill for little ones, so it can seem like they aren’t listening. Talk about feeling disconnected.

This is an important time to understand what behavior is developmentally appropriate so you can get some good strategies to interact with your kids and not lose your sanity.

Tweens & Teens

Parenting takes on a whole new level of difficulty as your children work on their identities and begin to distance themselves from their families. (Yes, that’s what they are supposed to do.)

Tried and true techniques from younger years may no longer work. In fact, some kids in this age group are actually ready to take an active roll in setting expectations around choices and consequences.

Considering Parenthood/Expecting Your First Child?

You can start to consider priorities and goals for your future family even before you become a parent. Getting intentional about connections is important and you can practice in any of your important relationships.

While your style may change over time, your values are already wired and definitely predict a lot about your future style. Get the conversation started now – try your hand at the free DIY-version of Choose Your Boundaries™.

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