Theories that influence my coaching

Briefly – When I was in grad school, studying Early Childhood Education, some ideas really resonated with me. And as I have become a parent, practitioners who follow these theorists have influenced how I relate to my kids. I’ll try to keep this stuff simple–it’s my passion and interest, not yours! But you can Google […]

4 C’s – Consistency

Once you have Clarity on what is important to you, you can set expectations and boundaries. When you know what boundaries you are going to enforce, you need to be consistent about your messages and consequences. This is important for parenting “solo”and with a co-parent. This is another “simple” concept, and one that takes lots […]

Do you really need a coach?

Technically, no one really NEEDS a coach. In coaching training, we are taught that our clients already have the solutions. They just need support to reach what they already know. So, by that logic, if you have the right questions, you should be able to coach yourself. Want to try being your own coach? Or […]

4 C’s – Confidence

Just because you know what your values and goals are doesn’t mean that you feel the confidence you need to put it all into place. Confidence comes with having the right tools in your “parenting toolbox”, practice, and a willingness to refine your methods over time and as needs change. It takes time to build […]