Parenting is hard work

Especially when you don’t like how you are showing up in challenging moments.

No matter how much you know or how hard you try, it feels like you just can’t get it right.

It’s probably a “missed connection”.

You’ve come to the right place to re-connect!

Meet Melissa Davidson, MEd.

Melissa is a certified professional coach and a fellow struggling parent.

She’s helped many parents just like you to:

  1. Flesh out the “parenting problem”
  2. Find a solution to the missed connection
  3. Feel better about how they show up and get back on track

Learn more about Melissa’s coaching style & two of her coaching exclusive tools.

Meet Melissa Melissa’s background

Melissa has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, a BA in Psychology and is a Certified Professional Coach.

She’s also got a magic touch in her coaching work!

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Melissa uses a framework she calls 4C’s for Connection. When you know what’s missing and you gain the tools, you’ll show up to parenting feeling connected to your family.

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Choose Your Boundaries™ is an activity that gives you insight into why you show up to parenting the way you do. Find out how more about it and how you can give it a try on your own. Or work with Melissa to get the full experience.

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Want to get started?

You can email Melissa or schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to get a quick tip on what you need to fix that missing connection.

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Why “Perceptive Parents”?

Perceptive is commonly defined as having keen insight, understanding or intuition. 

When you feel stuck or overwhelmed, you probably aren’t able to act as intuitively as you’d like.

Coaching can bring you the insight you are looking for.

Melissa works with clients in a variety of settings. Find the one that’s right for you.

Coaching Options

What Melissa’s clients are saying

We can’t express how much your support and knowledge and caring have meant to our entire family.  We truly feel like we have our own child development expert to turn to when faced with the rocky times in our children’s lives.  I tell my friends all the time-I don’t know how we would have gotten this far without you.

contact-section-img Brock & Maura M.
1:1 Coaching Clients

Definitely recommend Melissa! Our family had the opportunity to meet and discuss our goals with Melissa and we were very pleased. We were surprised at how much our children shared in our family session.

pexels-photo-91227-1-1170x578 Katrina & Mike S.
1:1 Coaching Clients


Melissa has written A LOT about the basics she addresses with clients in coaching sessions. Check out her posts on the 4 C’s, Compassion, and the “Magic of Coaching”.

You can also find out about the theories of Early Childhood Education that inform Melissa’s work.

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